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No Camp on Feb. 4th
Wednesday, January 29, 2014 10:18:00 AM


  No Camp Tuesday, February 4th as we are hosting the M.O.V. 9th Grade Boys & Girls Championships that week!

See you on Tuesday, February 11th.


Marissa Miller Hustle Award
Wednesday, December 04, 2013 9:07:27 PM

Marissa Miller Hustle Award

Week #1 (December 3rd)            Week #2  (December 10th)           Week #3  (December 17th)

Blue Team:  Hannah Archer        Blue Team:     Anna Umpleby         Blue Team:  Jett Lori
Gold Team:Andrew Hunt             Gold Team:    Kisten Roberts          Gold Team:  Kisten Roberts
Red Team:  Nicole Reynolds        Red Team:     LeeWood Molessa    Red Team:  Grace Everly
Green Team:  Jenna Boice          Green Team:   V. J. Post                Green Team:  Bedi Lori

Week #4 (January 7th)               Week #5  (January 14th)              Week #6 (January 21st)

Blue Team:  Kendal Mader           Blue Team:  Michael Dugan           Blue Team:  Hannah Archer
Gold Team:  Abbie Broadwater     Gold Team:  Dakota Wayne           Gold Team:  Annie Hunt
Red Team:   Maxwell Molessa       Red Team:  Jada Baker                 Red Team:  Ella McMullen
Green Team:  A. J. Graham         Green Team:  Lily Wharton             Green Team:  Payton Harvey

Week #7 (January 28th)             Week #8 (February 11th)              Week #9 (February 18th)
Blue Team:  Jett Lori                   Blue Team:  Lora Litman               Blue Team:  Izzy Farinash
Gold Team:  Aiden Blake              Gold Team:  Dakota Wayne          Gold Team:  Andrew Hunt
Red Team:  Brilynn Florence         Red Team:  LeeWood Molessa       Red Team:  Ella McMullen
Green Team:  Bedi Lori                Green Team:  A. J. Graham           Green Team:  Aaliyah Brunny

***League M.V.P.:  Bedi Lori

Great Start to our Men's League!
Tuesday, December 03, 2013 11:54:45 AM

     We have had a great start to our Men's League!  Everybody has had very competitive games and seem to be having a good time.

     Having said that, I do want to mention the concerns I have to this point:

(1)  Language!  Overall very good.  Just keep working on other things to say when you are upset.

(2)  Attitude towards our officiating.  Myself and Noah will be doing the majority of the officiating.  Unfortunately very few referees wish to come help me with Adults.  What does this say about how we behave during a competitive game.  I'm not complaining at this point as I feel 99% of you have been very good!  The 1% needs to understand that this is a League that tries to let you be competitive at your present age while getting a good work-out.  Winning is something we should try for ever time we play, but we should be able to handle defeat when it does happen.

(3)  I also need to have each team paid in full before December 31st.  I will pull your team from the schedule if this is not done.  I could go into the financials of this league if you wish, but I promise you that the Management of the Elite would not be upset if I told them we were going to do away with this League. 

I enjoy being part of this league by organizing and refereeing and hope to continue it every year.  I hope you continue the good start we have had and make it a League we can all be proud to be part of!


Joe Crislip

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